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Syria: sailing amidst the storm

أسم الكاتب : 

While  innocent Syrian people bloods is still spelling  on the Syrian soil  ,irrespective whether  of civilians ,security personnel  or  army officers , I am still trying to find an elaborate answer to a query raised by an imminent Indian statesman when he asked :tell  the reason why president Obama honored Syria by referring to her in his last speech?.It is very painful to me see my country bleeding but that is our destiny and the geopolitical strategic location makes it prey for many enemies within and externally mobilized forces as strong Syria is of no benefit to its adverse neighbors proximate and distant .

The amount of desperation among the US and its allies was evident each time the Syrian president foil the plot and response to the genuine demand of the people of Syria and when all means to create a replica to Benghazi in Libya failed and causing a split in the arm forces or a revolt did not happen and  the people of Syrian rallied behind the government to defeat the plot  ,the more the NATO members  lead by France and UK raised the ante and moved files like suspected nuclear sites ,and “Crimes against humanity “and “genocide “ so to increase  pressures on those nations opposing an immediate resolution against Syria ,that can  facilitate another “Humanitarian Intervention “ ,to unilaterally and forcefully disarming Syria , under the pretext to protect civilians similar to that of Libya where human right watch put the figure of more than a thousand death and thousands civilians injured  after more than 10,000 sorties by NATO forces  and more than 4000 strikes over the country  ,without any legal mandate ,a much higher number than what Colonel Gaddafi caused in the ongoing war .

The intended prolonging of war on Libya by NATO has its reasons to return Libya into Omar AlMukhtar`s  era another Afghanistan like ,since the war bill is paid on a regular basis by Qatar and UAE(http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=24527) who also participating militarily with the NATO and the  supply of Libyan oil to Europe is not disturbed. This delay indented to keep NATO forces active in the Mediterarian Sea betting on another intervention on Syria.

Syria: Racing against time

Undoubtedly, the wind of changes started in Tunisia and Egypt reached Syria shore sooner than expected since the general perception was the revolts were against pro West regimes but the common ground was the same internally in respect to economic and political reforms in the Arab World, that led people to spell their angers in the streets to cause the changes .Hence there were enough  valid reasons  to start a revolution .Syrian president formed a committee to study the reasons that led to  uprising  and changes in Tunisia and Egypt and  tried to enhance political   and economical reforms  to meet the aspiration of the people .But as we say in Arabic “The winds do not blow as the vessels  wishes”, Syria caught unaware of the plot planned for her from neighboring countries and still struggling to calm down the street and eliminate the militant groups, the armed infiltrators’ , that took advantage of the genuine demands of the demonstrators and tried to settle scores with  Syrian regime either to topple it or correct its track as per the wishes of US and the West in regards to regional issues , meet  Israeli peace deal and isolate  Iran .

In fact US media has revealed that the Israeli lobby is behind the changes of US administration policy toward President Bashar Al Assad and calling for toppling of the regime even if a radical Islamic regime is the alternative.

If we take a close look at the Syrian map and sea the areas were trouble started it can clearly expose the plot .Despite Syria being under perpetual threat, it is the only Arab country that allow all Arabs regardless of their nationality   to enter Syria without visa permit and after normalization of relation with Turkey, it was agreed to allow movement of citizens of both nations freely. 

The amount of arms and ammunitions confiscated from the militants groups indicated the amount of money pumped into Syria to form these groups to fight the regime and the latest number as estimated  over 2000 ,in Jisr al-Shughor  a town of approximately  50000 population close to Turkey ,( http://www.champress.net/index.php?q=en/Article/view/92882)  were more than 120 security personnel were massacred and their bodies were displayed in the streets ,some of them thrown into the river and the rest buried in mass grave to use against the government to implicate it in  crimes against humanity .http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJO1FWX3xCQ&feature=related&skipcontrinte... prompt many foreign capitals to accept part of the truth to what Syrian government has been saying that these demonstrations are not peaceful ,infiltrated by armed groups and led by fanatic religious  extremists ,supported and funded by US and the West as per Wikileak revelation ,( http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2011/04/17/ap/business/main20054783.shtml) Washington post and US administration itself  that  they have been funding  Syria `s opposition group  led by  the Muslim Brotherhood , whose preaching that one third of Syrian should  die so the other two third can live in peace in a population of 24 million  .Now   more than 500 soldiers and security personnel were killed and more than a thousand civilian .Some of those Western capitals were quick to justify the appearance of arm groups and now working on a resolution to condemn both sides of violence act ,equating a responsible state ,a member of UN ,with an  armed group supported by US and the West themselves.( http://www.iranmilitaryforum.net/index.php?topic=8172.30_)

The irony that those advocate of human rights are themselves violating the essence of it in a country like Syria which enjoyed more than four decades of stability, peace and security in a turbulent and most dangerous region in the world. (http://chinamatters.blogspot.com/2011/04/does-abdul-halim-khaddam-have-a...)

The Petro-Dollar Media war on Syria 

  Syria gained independence from France in 1946 and witnessed a period of instability and coups .US interference in the internal affairs of Syria goes back to 1949 were they helped and assessed Hosni Alzaim to topple the first democratically elected government led by Shekri Alkuwatly .It was till the 7os when president Hafiz Al Assad came to power and started a correction’s movement in political and economic reforms and gave equal rights to all citizens in a multi ethnic, multi-religious and cultured society .When president Bashar Al Assad took over in 2000 ,I was in Syria covering the father death for MBC when the young president allowed foreign media to cover  the event live  from Syria and starts allowing civil societies to grow and NGOs to forms but when their main agenda was to topple the government and not supportive of his modernization policy and faced with stiff resistance from the old guards ,his move were limited and freedom of assembly was denied ,hoping with time to come ,they will come in term and see his sincerity in reforms and moving Syria forward under the famous slogan the battle of freedom , development ,modernization and prosperity  .An agenda was good but  not  implemented in a good pace for many developments that took place regionally and on the international level  as explained by the president himself in his speech to the people assembly when he talked of 11/9,Afghan war , Iraq invasion ,implication of Syria in the killing of former prime minister of Lebanon Rafik Al Hariri (Hariri`s son Saad withdrew accusation of Syria`s involvement ( http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-11200278), withdrawal of Syrian  forces from Lebanon , Israel attack on Lebanon  and Gaza and finally the global  economic recession ,all these factors slowed down the reform process in Syria .The president was asking why are you demonstrating when I did not do wrong myself? But the fact of the matter the hidden agenda is behind the unrest and destabilizing Syria  (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6XzhuN3SUw)

The plot against Syria was

Some of the Arab and Western media unleashed their war on Syria in the open and started telecasting unauthentic tapes to show alleged atrocities committed by the regime. During my life as a war correspondent  for two decades from Sri Lanka , Afghanistan ,Kargil and Kashmir unrest ,gulf war and US invasion to Iraq when I was embedded with the US troops ,I never violated the role of conduct in verifying any news item before airing it .check and counter check as many  colleagues have done  not to mislead viewers ,but now no ethic is respected  and many channels and media organizations scarified its principles right(http://www.thewe.cc/weplanet/news/americas/us_terror_state/fake_news.htm) . Reuters apologized to Syria, Fr4 channel ,German TV and ABC Australia for providing them with Lebanese civil war footage of 2008 as Syrian event in 2011  (http://realisticbird.wordpress.com/2011/05/12/reuters-apologizes-to-fren...).Many false eye witnesses  were airing their “finding  live on air” in many Arabic  channels claiming that they are on the spot( http://www.champress.net/index.php?q=en/Article/view/88465).   Others were operating from Paltalk room (Paltalk leaks) created for inciting violence and chaos in the street (http://www.champress.net/index.php?q=en/Article/view/90531)

In fact a German war ship as part of NATO forces in the Mediterranean Sea was providing a logistic support to militant groups leaders Off the Syrian shore in Baniyas where real war was there (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfN0rdhFASk&NR=1) and firing on the army and throwing bombs .The aim was to create an Emirate Salafi state and call for international intervention. The ugly part of this propaganda was the disinformation about the resignation of Syrian Ambassador to India, UK and lastly the Syrian ambassador to France who is suing the French channels for running a fabricated story about an interview with her in English and French confirming her resignation in protest.

The latest hoax was the Gay story in Syria that did not exist but own creation of an American gay “Tom MacMaster “ who later apologized to his readers (http://www.rebelnews.org/opinion/middle-east/904172-winston-smith-gay-gi...).

Then the hoax of the alleged resignation of Syrian ambassador to France Dr.Lamia Chakkour   and France24 and Arabic channels admitting their malpractice and now the ambassador is suing the channel (http://www.champress.net/index.php?q=en/Article/view/93390)


There are genuine demonstrations and demands but if we see the pattern and slogans from Deraa in the south where first protest erupted till Jisr Alshougur in the north bordering Turkey ,one slogan attract my attention when  some people came out of mosque and started shouting slogan :”No Iran ,No Hezbollah , We want a Muslim fear Allah”!!!!( http://rehmat1.wordpress.com/2010/10/07/saudi-royals-secret-mission-to-s...) and to make matter worse and expose the peaceful demonstration the recent pictures from Jisr Alshoughur showed armed men carrying weapons ,putting barricades and checking civilians near the border with Turkey is a clear indication of the arms smuggled from across the border  under the eyes of Turkish authority who is hosting the Muslim brotherhood members(http://www.champress.net/index.php?q=en/Article/view/92783) .Turkey the Trojan of NATO will be doing a historic blander if played the card on NATO and US to intervene militarily in Syria  .The revival of neo Ottoman policy  and aligning  with NATO will be a disastrous for future of Turkey which is projecting what is called the “Calvinist Islam”  (http://www.infowars.com/war-with-syria-iran-and-lebanon-in-the-works/).In fact the plan was put on the table to do a limited military action ,according to reports ,at a border area and declare it a protect area like Benghazi but a stern warning from Iran of all out war in the Gulf and Russia were enough to abort this misadventure (http://bhadrakumarviews.blogspot.com/2011/06/syria-on-boil-us-warship-in...).

Besides capturing armed rebels ,weapon and ammunition and confession of killing army and security officers and civilians  and raping  Aleppo women and cut their bodies to accuse the military(http://www.champress.net/index.php?q=en/Article/view/92989) ,there were confiscation of Thurya satellite phones in all the hot spots bordering Syria, Sims cards of Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey were used to communicate with external masters and war room monitors  .These indicate that NATO ,US and Israel are targeting Syria after Libya (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6XzhuN3SUw)

Syria triumph cards

I was invited to Syria in 2006 to attend a cultural festival in Homs, the largest province of Syria, but it was cancelled because of the Israel war on Lebanon and we visited the border with Lebanon in Alarieda were thousands of Lebanese were fleeing their country because of the amount of bombing and destruction that Israel used all arsenals and American arms to destroy the infrastructure and trying to eliminate the national resistance forces of Lebanon led by Hezbollah party. I witnessed the human influx into Syria and suggested to governor of Homs Eyad Alghazal to put a live camera on the border and show the world how Syria accommodated more than 300000 Lebanese refugees without a fuss and were given shelter in schools, colleges and many houses of Syrian families till the war was over .But our governor, who is dismissed now, did not consider my suggestions on many other issues related to media and promoting Syria.

Similar situation erupted in the border with Iraq where about 2.5 million Iraqi refugees, as per UN agency estimate, fled to Syria during the ethnic cleansing of Christian in democratically administered American Iraq .They shared with their Syrian brothers and sisters their bread and butter, since it subsidies most of the food commodities to its citizens, to survive and live in peace till normalcy return to Iraq and till date there are around a million plus still in Syria.Syria never complained about the harsh economic burden because of the additional crisis on its shoulders and maintained its pan Arabism attitude toward our Arab brethren.

   With the created crisis media highlighting the plight of scores of families fled to neighboring countries because of the exchanges of fires between the army and the militant groups in those pockets near to the borders .Syrian authority was quick to extend amnesty to those who fled and guarantee their safety and was able to empty the attempts of those with vested interest to create a humanitarian crisis as planned.

The commemoration of Al Nakbah (catastrophe)anniversary  of  Palestine brought into the front the Palestine question and the presence of more than 600000 Palestinian refugees in Syria .Some of them went to the border with Israel in the liberated part in Syria and staged a demonstration demanding implementation of UNSC resolution 194 and the right of their return to their legitimate  homeland Palestine , but they were fired twice by the Israeli military were 24 died  on the spot  and more the 300 injured .Israel lodged a complaint against Syria in UN for allowing a peaceful demonstration of a refugees demanding their legitimate right to go back to their country and what is called now Israel .!!! 

The West hypocrisy (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWMhv5mDXs8)

Till recently ,the West was seeking  president Bashar al Assad help to settle many regional crisis as Syria enjoys a pivotal role in the middle East .It is absurd that the greedy West and those with remnant of the colonial era still believe in a new colonialism of the Arab world changed their position and betting on a lost horse of  Syrian opposition to overthrow president Assad who still enjoys a popular support among the Syrian mass .The West led by US are trying to push Syria case into the UNSC so they big power game plan can be better dealt with and bargaining chips of other vital interest can be played again to implicate Syria and isolate the regime  by propagating that president Assad lost his authority  as a president of Syria (http://www.infowars.com/clinton-on-syria-astounding-lies-zero-legitimacy/)

The search for other means to overthrow the government will continue(http://www.champress.net/index.php?q=en/Article/view/86507) and many Syrians believes that they will be able to face the onslaught from the West and to achieve this they have to remain united,  search for an internal solution to the crisis, call for an immediate national integrity council meeting .The government, in its part  has to enhance its reforms which it is trying despite the unrest, maintain tranquility ,law and order  and restore the confidence of the people in its governance and defeat the external design . The first the most important part is to end bloodshed because the aims are to prolong bleeding and make her loose friendly nations in the name of human right violation. It is a race against time as only few options are left and Syria has to success against all odds.

Syria will remain the safety valve for peace in the Middle East and once again the Syrian people will triumph and decide their future .There will be no return to the old status quo and only marching ahead and contribute to humanity as they have been for thousands of years. The future of Arab aspiration will be decided by the Arab.  There will be no return to colonialism so Keep off Syria .

Dr.WAIEL Awwad:  www.waielawwad.com  

Syrian Expat Living in India for decades, political commentator specialized in south and southwest Asia affairs, war and senior correspondent of Alarabiya News Channel in South Asia.
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